Cheese squares or brownie and marshmallows bites ! Just a few things you can put on a stick to celebrate this National Holiday.  Foods on a stick are fun and easy to eat, specially for the little ones. 

Research doesn't show when this National holiday was created, but who's complaining ? Whether it is fresh and healthy or deep fried, street fairs and food trucks have created a variety of recipes made to go on a stick. Whats are some of your favorite foods on a stick? The below link shows 31 cool, creatives foods that you can have fun with on a stick. https://www.buzzfeed.com2


From cool summer treats like the Popsicle to frozen food staples like the corn dog, food on a stick is one of the world’s great inventions. Support this National holiday by #nationalsomethingonastickday on social media. Let see the creatively

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