This weekend was surely one for the good times record book.

I started my weekend hanging out with all of you beautiful ones at the Black Arts and Culture fest.My first year in attendance and hosting.I was amazed at the amount of talent in the 518 from Jada to Young Noble Gents.My favorite was watching for the second time Sounds of Blackness bring down the house with those amazing musicians and vocalist.I didn't mind watching one of my favorite poets either Mr.Danny Simmons.The 518 absolutely  has love for its city!



Now my Saturday was full of surprises..I spent my night front and center at the High Road Tour and it was amazing! I've seen Snoop countless times but my first time watching the Wiz and he brought it..high and all.It was interesting the even had a booth that was designed as a dispensary.Honestly me and my counter parts couldn't escape the mass amounts of cannabis in the air but still were able to see,lol.I did enjoy watching Wiz ride his motorized skooter before the show and I respected his no pictures right now stance and just enjoyed the moment! Even though I wanted to just Snap away.I did get some great pics and video from my front stage access.

My weekend was full of epicness and priceless moments.I'm so happy  I got to share it with the 518 and that's even better.Follow me and check out exclusive pics and video from the show.@radiogodess and on Snap@godess



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