Do Mondays really suck? According to science, yes. The Telegraph wrote an article on a year-old Marmite study and it all sounds pretty legit. If you’re down with the frown on Mondays, you’re not alone.

Interesting facts found in the study include:

• Most don’t crack a smile until 11:16am on Mondays (or at all, if you’re me)

• Half will be late for work on Mondays

• Most manage to accomplish only three and a half hours of actual work

• People 45-54 will moan for around 12 minutes

The study also found the top 5 ways to get over the Monday blues:

• Watch TV

• Have Sex (yes, please!)

• Online Shopping

• Buying Chocolate or Makeup

• Plan a Vacation

Fill in the blank:  Mondays suck because __________ (comment below)

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