If your from the Capital District then your more than likely used to the forever changing weather.One day its nice the next day the polar express.Just two weeks ago the weather felt like Upstate would be having an early spring, and today it feels and looks alot like the begining of winter.With March 20th being the first day of spring and  only a couple days away,one thing is for sure mother nature makes it very clear who is in charge. Last time it snowed this bad on this day was 1993.


I was a little toddler only 3 years old probly running around the house anxious to go play outside in the snow the only difference now is, Im not a toddler and playing outside is the last thing I want to do right now. I do have to admit seeing the snow covered on all the houses and trees is a beautiful sight. I may have not played in the snow but catching a coupke flicks wasnt to bad.