It was said that the teenager model ,Bailey Scarlett, was invited to the studio in Melbourne, Australia. Justin Bieber was present and It started off with Bailey pouring herself a drink of Vodka mixed with lemonade.

She then said she walked over to converse with the other women who were also in the studio. She believes that someone slipped a drug in her cup.

Bailey says that her vision became blurry, she felt woozy and started to cry. Justin sat down and tried to calm her down. Shortly after, Law enforcement was called to the scene.

The other figures who were also there says nothing like that happened. Jim Wyatt who is the owner of the studio says

"they have reviewed footage from the event and claims Bailey's cup is visible the entire time -- he says her drink was never touched. Alex McDonnell, who organized the event, tells TMZ he believes the girl was having a panic attack."

Somebody is trying to set Justin Bieber up. He has come a long way and it seems like people are constantly always trying to bring him down. I think he needs to be careful about who he keeps around him. Justin is worth a lot of money. We don't want a Justin Bieber Bill Cosby.