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Justin Bieber Is Accused Of Drugging A Teenager In Australia
It was said that the teenager model ,Bailey Scarlett, was invited to the studio in Melbourne, Australia. Justin Bieber was present and It started off with Bailey pouring herself a drink of Vodka mixed with lemonade.
She then said she walked over to converse with the other women who were also in the s…
Just Kidding
Big Sean is too busy touring the world and coasting off the success from his chart-topping album, Dark Sky Paradise, to check Justin Bieber for getting a little too close to his girlfriend Ariana Grande last night (April 8).
Is Justin Bieber Racist ?
If you haven't caught this video of 15 year old Bieber telling a racist joke check it out :
Of course this video created instant controversy. Me and Intern Mc Kenzie got into a discussion about this video, the use of the "N" word and some of the comments left on the Bieber vide…

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