Jacquees' latest single gets DJ SHOW to thinking...

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Recently, The self-proclaimed "King of R&B" Jacquees released his new single "Your Peace" featuring Lil Baby (who seems to be on everything smokin' in the last few months). When I heard it for the first time, I knew I liked it, but couldn't really say exactly what it was that drew it to me.

I immediately said to myself, "What sample is that?!" I only needed a few moments to place it and was immediately met with an uneasy feeling...

"NAH... Homie didn't really sample an R. Kelly track in 2019, did he?!"


Even with all of the man's personal issues both past and present, there is no denying that R. Kelly puts great songs together. Jacquees has been known to do some of his best work when he's covering someone else's song. However, being that most of the world has "cancelled R. Kelly", I pose the following question:


For the record, I REALLY like the new Jacquees "Your Peace". I'm not sure whether or not it's because of the fact that it samples R. Kelly's "If I'm With You" from his 1998 double-album "R.", or if it's because it's a decent R&B song in a time where there's a lack of what I would consider good R&B - the jury is still out.

R. Kelly
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A part of me yearns for that 90s R&B sound to come back, but are we really doing Kellz records in this climate? There are so many other great artists that today's R&B artists can draw from for inspiration besides the man known for preying on young girls.

So, I say all that to ask you again, IS IT OK TO REMAKE OR SAMPLE R. KELLY SONGS?


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