Is It OK to Remake R. Kelly Songs?
The self-proclaimed "King of R&B" Jacquees released his new single "Your Peace" featuring Lil Baby that features a R. Kelly sample which got DJ SHOW to thinking, "Is It OK to Remake R. Kelly Songs?"
Ella Mai or Jacquees: Which "Trip" You On?
If you were lucky enough to get a hold of Jacquees' version before the cease and desist, congratulations. You can't find it ANYWHERE on the net.
Some say that Jacquees' version of the Ella Mai track was taken down only because "Jacquees' version is better", and not because of legalities bet…
New R&B from ISSA
We love featuring up & coming R&B artists on HOT After Dark, & up next in the R&B world is GOOD Life Music's artist ISSA.  Take a behind the scenes look of his video for his song "Breathe" featuring Jacob Latimore & Jacquees right h…