Kanye pushes back the release of his new album... Or does he?

I guess Jesus isn't coming this Friday.

Jerritt Clark, Getty Images

Kanye West's wife, Kim Kardashian-West, had been hinting on her social media at the release of his latest album "Jesus Is Love" being this Friday, September 27th. However, there are unnamed sources that say the album is not going to be released in time for the scheduled date, leaving Kanye fans waiting in the wind for the album that was initially supposed to be called "Yandhi".

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According to Variety, the album is slated to be songs that have a heavy Christian influence. With Kanye hosting Sunday Service sermons for the past few months, that wouldn't be too far fetched from where it seems like he's spending most of his time anyway. There and designing those new Adidas Yeezy boots that are also supposed to be dropping soon.

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Are you REALLY surprised he pushed back his album release date? And are you even checking for his music at this point?

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