Here's a secret..well not so much a secret but a confession of sorts.

I LOVE SCARY MOVIES! I've been obsessed since I was a child.I even have a character collection of the classics,Freddy,Jason, and even Chuckie. And I'm so very thankful to come up in a era of movie characters that aren't a remake.And we should all be happy we have creative minds out there still creating.

West Coast Premiere Of The Devils Rejects At Comic Con

One of my favorite horror  movie directors besides Hitchcock,Craven and King.Is none other than rocker Rob Zombie of whom I had the great pleasure of meeting at a convention in Las Vegas years ago.He truly creates characters that are believable and seriously sadistic!

Many of you may not know him but maybe have seen his work..House of 1000 Corpses(sick!) or Halloween Unrated.He's set to release his new film "31" to movie theaters for ONE NIGHT ONLY which is Sept.1 all thanks to his partnership with Fathom Events.It will be featured in over 400 theaters so check your local listings at

This movie is set around Halloween time and follows five friends that go missing.I'm in anticipation it comes just in time for my birthday season.Go Virgos! I love a great horror movie but a Rob Zombie sickly,written and twisted movie is alot better to me!

If horror flicks don't make you cringe,throw-up or have nightmares then were basically cousins! And you should absolutely get Zombied for a day if you know what I mean.

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