Y'all know Albany is home to some very talented individuals.  No doubt your home for true hip hop is right here on HOT 99.1, but if you're out & about round downtown Albany tomorrow night here's a local showcase thats poppin off!

Shoutout to the homies JB aka Dirty Moses & Dudley aka Origin, some of Albany's original MC's doin their thang! You can catch them on the MIC tomorrow night for the Highly Deadicated Double Album Release Party March 21, 2014 holdin it down at Hollow Bar 79 N Pearl St, Albany! Door open at 8pm! $7 cover

All my local hip hop heads the show gonna be crazy! On the 1s & 2s spinnin hot hip hop, r&b, old school & reggae are some of Albany's finest djs too! Music by Great Mastr, DJ Tru Mastr, Nate the Great & John Jamz!! Emcee for the night is Graffitti. (It's not me I will forgive u this time lol !)

If you didn't know, now you know! Recognize!

Don't Forget HOT got some 'ish goin down for y'all local 518 rappers as well!

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SPIT HOT FIRE & GENERATION NEXT! We got the 518 rappers covered right here on HOT99.1 the home of local heat!