Download or Delete, is back, listen to The Supreme Experience around 6:30 weeknight's for the hottest independent artist in the State Of New York.

This is a battle to see who has the most buzz in the state. Tonight’s featured artists are Ron Suno and Rell Godly, take a listen and vote which one needs to come back Friday night.

Tonights Download or Delete Song's

Ron Suno - Pinocchio

Rell Godly - BagTAWK

Which one should we download?

Who are you voting for Ron Suno or Rell Godly?

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If your an artist that would like to be featured on download or delete submit your radio-ready single below. Before you take the time to submit, understand that if you do not follow ALL of the following guidelines, your song will NOT BE CONSIDERED!

*Song must be EDITED FOR RADIO - NO PROFANE LANGUAGE (Don't bother reaching out to ask if "this word" or "that word" is "okay." If you have any doubts, assume that it is NOT radio-friendly and edit it before sending.)

*Song must be RADIO QUALITY (if you have to ask, it's probably not.)

*Song must be between 2:30 and 4:30 minutes. Any song submitted over 4 minutes and 30 seconds will not be considered.

*You may submit ONE song, and ONE song only per month. If you submit a song, any submission sent afterward will be deleted without hesitation or consideration.

*If we decide to play your song, you will be contacted via email and/or phone. If we plan on playing it, you'll hear from us.

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