10 Rappers Who Have Never Won Grammys
With the Grammy Awards nominees being announced yesterday, I’ve thought the Grammys were trash for a long time. Some of the rappers that have won grammy’s include Will Smith, Puff Daddy, and Macklemore.
These Grammy winners should tell you all you need to know about th…
Lil Wayne Sex Tape ?
So the Lil Wayne sex tape rumors are true. There is a video of an alleged Lil Wayne 3 some.
Last month, Vivid Entertainment was presented with a four-minute clip of the Lil Wayne’s sex tape. After viewing the sex tape, reps at Vivid immediately called their alliance over at TMZ and s…
Rapper Selfie
Teriq Royal  is making headlines for posting a selfie video almost immediately after getting shot in the head.
The 411 With ADRI V
There is a two part video to the craziness that happened.In The first video it is showing an altercation between two men and the security guards who happen to be members of T.I and The Game entourage.
The second video is exactly what you thought  T...
Hip Hop Heads: Local Heat Goin Down!
Y'all know Albany is home to some very talented individuals.  No doubt your home for true hip hop is right here on HOT 99.1, but if you're out & about round downtown Albany tomorrow night here's a local showcase thats poppin off!