By time you read this Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky will have been returned back to United States after spending nearly a month in Swedish prison, reported from TMZ. A$AP Rocky, who real name is Rakim Mayer, returned back to the United States as he awaits judges verdict on recent assault charges in Sweden. Prosecutors are asking for a six-month sentence for the alleged assault on 19 year old, Mustsfa Jafaria, on June 30. A video of the indicted surfaced of two men following A$AP and his crew around for blocks. Rocky does stop and ask the men to stop following them, the indicted quickly escalate when you see A$AP body guard lifting one of the men off their feet by the neck and Rocky crew seen kicking and punching another man.
According to TMZ prosecutors argue Rocky threw a glass bottle at the alleged victim, which they say was excessive and unjustified. On Thursdays testimony Mayer did admit to picking up the bottle but denies he ever threw it. One eyewitness testify they heard a bottle being "crashed" but did not see who did it, another eyewitness says they saw A$AP and his crew beaten and kicking the alleged victim. Sweden prosecutors has asked the judges for a six-month sentence for Rocky and he remained behind bars pending the verdict due to him being a flight risk. Judges went against prosecutors wishes releasing A$AP back to the United States. August 14th is when to be expected a verdict, if convicted A$AP will be facing up to two years in Sweden prison. The fact that A$AP Rocky was released back to the United States shows good faith of a verdict of not guilty. During incarceration Rocky received much support from his famous American friends such as Diddy, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West. President Donald Trump even tried to intervene in the case, demanding that Rocky and the others from his crew in custody be released to a hotel. Sweden prosecutors said they received a letter from the U.S. Embassy making the demand, which was rejected. The spokesperson said no country has ever made such a request in the past, via FoxNews. Jail is no where anyone wants to be, Happy to see A$AP home and all smiles, Even President Trump tweeted on his release.
 A$AP Rocky released from prison and on his way home to the United States from Sweden. It was a Rocky Week, get home ASAP A$AP!  - Donald Trump.


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