Rapper and activist T.I bails out 16 women and 7 men from DeKalb Country Jail in Georgia, Sunday Easter day. According to nydailynews, all 23 nonviolent offenders was released just in time to celebrate Easter hoilday. The rapper partnered up with "Love & Hip-Hop" Scrapp Deleon  to bail out first time offenders by a program through The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

In a interview with Fox 5 News Atlanta, Anthony Gordon, one of the 23 offenders speaks to Fox News. He recalls hearing over the intercom "Hey pack it up, you're going home" he was in disbelief by the midnight notice. The Missionary Baptist church set to raised $40,000 on Lent day, but reached $120,000 in donations less than 40 days, allowing the offenders to be released. The "Bail Out" program well  connecr each individual with a mentor for weekly check-ins. This program targets people in Dekal lb, Fulton, Gwinnett and Rockdale countries. Senior Church Pastor, Jamal Bryant says this is a way for the church to be more outspoken when it comes to prison reform, reported through the Washington Post.  They're also using proceeds of donation to jump start college saving for children of returning citizens ran by Dr. Jamal Bryant, reported from Fox 5.


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