T.I. is speaking out via Instagram regarding the sexual abuse allegations that have been made against himself and his wife, singer Tiny Harris.

On Friday evening (Jan. 29), Tip went on IG and reposted an image containing screenshots of messages that appear to be a conversation between a woman posing as one of T.I. and Tiny's alleged anonymous sexual abuse victims and Atlanta-based entrepreneur Sabrina Peterson, who initially posted numerous accounts by alleged victims accusing the rapper and his wife of abuse on Thursday (Jan. 28).

In the Instagram carousel post, which T.I. captioned, "Another fake victim," and included the IG name @_bobbyplayhouse, the woman is recalling her alleged experience with T.I. and Tiny to Peterson via direct message. The woman also requested to have her identity concealed. The alleged victim claims she woke up in a bed while nude, had a dead phone and she was unaware of where Tip and Tiny were at the time.

The screenshot of the DM possibly came from a Facebook post, which was captioned, "Omggggg yalll Yaz is really on the lady page exposing T.I and Tiny talking bout she a victim." The message also reads, "Y'all I'm cryingggg," including the name Bobby Playhouse. The initial IG post, however, came from a page named @yafavesbeforeig.

In another set of messages within the post, a person whose social media name is wiped out, posted on what can be presumed to be Facebook, "She posted mine too y'all I'm high won't even typing right she should've know I was lyingggg smh they lien on T.I. and Tiny." A follow-up message reads, "I just dm the girl and said I was a victim too shit all them bitches is lyinggggg."

The IG page @yafavesbeforeig captioned the post, "They said they wanted clout and sabrina the fool for posting them," adding Peterson's IG name, which is @theglamuniversity.

Prior to sharing that post, The L.I.B.R.A. rapper uploaded an eight-minute video to Instagram, addressing the sexual abuse claims made against himself and his wife. In the clip, he denies raping, drugging or holding anyone against their will. He also denounced reports of sex trafficking.

"Hey, so, as y'all can probably guess or imagine, it's been extremely difficult for me to remain quiet in light of all the things that have transpired and all of the egregious allegations that's being tossed around about me and my wife," Tip began. "But it's a reason for that and I don't mind sharing it. You see, if a person does not have any right to criminally or civilly have you in court, they have no right, the best thing they can do is get you for defamation, a defamation suit. Drag you in court, make you pay they legal bills to get you in court."

T.I. went on to explain the tactics some people may use in order to maliciously file a defamation lawsuit against another person. "It's at the point where that doesn't even matter to me no more, OK?" he said. "But that's the motive, that's the strategy, that's the intention. Say a whole bunch of false stuff about you that get people to believe and make them come out and say, 'They're a liar, they're a liar, they're a liar.' And then they can say, 'See, they called me a liar. That's defamation.' Then they drag you in court, get you under oath and all that because unfortunately right now, it doesn't matter as much what they can prove you did. It matters what you can prove you didn't."

While Tip denies the claims made in the countless IG Story posts, he acknowledged that women who have been sexually assaulted shouldn't be silenced. Instead, they should be supported and feel empowered to share their experiences. "But I wanna be clear about one thing: women, who have been victimized, deserve to be heard," he continued. "Women, Black women in particular, should be supported, protected, defended and uplifted. However, evil has no gender. People with evil intentions have no gender. A threat comes in all shapes and sizes. I would never treat a woman the same way I would treat a threat. So, I think that that has to be distinguished."

Later on in the video, T.I. praised his wife Tiny and defended actions that may transpire behind closed doors in their home while affirming that everything that takes place is consensual. He told his IG followers, "First and foremost, I wanna say, my wife is a beautiful person with an amazing spirit and a kind heart. She's a devoted mother and she has a humble soul. She don't deserve this."

He then explained, "Now, what we not gon’ do is open up the door to my bedroom—as you shouldn't have to either... Open up the door to my bedroom for everybody to come in, and chime in and make their opinions about what we do do or don't do, or should or shouldn't do. But I will say this, whatever we have done, has been done with consensual adults, who into what we into and like what we like. If we want something, we know exactly where to go to get it. We ain't never forced nobody, we ain't never drugged nobody against their will, we ain't never held nobody against their will. We ain't never made anybody do anything. We ain't never trafficked anything. Well, sexually trafficked anything. I ain't never raped nobody. Never raped nobody."

Tip, who didn't name Peterson at any point in his video, also said that the accusations are completely false and he has evidence to support his claims. He stated, "Also, I'ma tell you what's factual. There have been fake stories put up that blog sites anonymously sent to this person. Blog sites anonymously sent fake stories to this person and the person posted it as though it was a victim, that they were sure it was a victim that had been victimized. And what this does, it dismantles the mechanism that women have created for themselves. You can't weaponize something with baseless claims. These are not stories of actual events, they're not. And I have proof of that and that's why I said it."

T.I. also shared that he has proof of people going on livestreams with "this person," presumably Peterson, and these individuals later admitted to fabricating their stories for clout.

Lastly, Tip suggested that he and Tiny have experienced inappropriate behavior from Peterson on numerous occasions in the past. "It's evil at play, I'm talking about evil...," he said. "And there's been a history. We've had a history in dealing with the particular individual in question. And there is record of pattern behavior like this, a history of harassment. This is not my opinion. I'm just saying what's on record. A history of violence on record."

He closed out the video expressing that the "the truth will be revealed" and that "no weapon formed against me shall prosper."

Tip's social media post and IG video comes hours after he and his Tiny released a joint statement denouncing the allegations. Within the statement, which was provided to XXL via a rep for the couple, it was noted that T.I. and Tiny take this matter very seriously and will take the necessary legal action if the allegations fail to cease.

"Mr. and Mrs. Harris want to be on record and more importantly want the public to know they emphatically deny in the strongest way possible the egregiously appalling allegations being made against them by Sabrina Peterson," the statement reads. "The Harrises have had difficulty with this woman for well over a decade. They are taking this matter very seriously, and if these allegations don't end, they will take appropriate legal action."

See T.I.'s full Instagram video below.

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