The Parklife Weekender festival in Manchester, England, boasted some big names this year, including headliner Snoop Dogg. Unfortunately, violence at the outdoor concert has taken over the headlines. Following a brutal assault at the U.K. festival last weekend, a 26-year-old man has died.

NME shares that Robert Hart died after he was attacked while waiting for Snoop's set on June 7. Hart was trying to protect his girlfriend from being hit by an inflatable toy, which incited the assault.

He was knocked unconscious during the fight. Paramedics attempted to resuscitate Hart but were unsuccessful. He was taken to North Manchester General Hospital then Hope Hospital, where he was treated for bleeding in his brain. He later died in the hospital.

A spokesperson for the Parklife festival spoke on the tragic  incident. "We pride ourselves on a history of Parklife Weekender without any incidents. We regret that an isolated incident has taken place at this year's event, however medics were on the scene within minutes of it taking place."

Two men were stabbed in an unrelated incident at the same festival.