Donald Trump receives Donkey of the Day for comments on NFL players and Stephen Curry

President Trump is no stranger to saying comments that make you wonder, how did this guy even become president. His recent comments about NFL players and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors once again show that Mr. Trump is far removes from the issues in the black community.

President Trump Holds News Conference In East Room Of White House
Getty Images

During a press conference, Stephen Curry stated that he does not wish to attend the White House to celebrate his team’s championship. Donald responded by revoking his invitation over a Tweet. Seems like a pretty petty response judging that Curry stated that he does not wish to attend in the first place.

Trump also spoke about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem, stating, “Get that son of a b*tch out of here he’s fired”, in reference to players “disrespecting the flag”. Did Trump forget that America is supposed to be built off freedom and players have the right to protest as they please?

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