In the closing days of the administration, in the wake of this week's violence, states around the nation are beefing up security around their capital buildings.

This has been an extremely violent week for the United States. The violence began on Wednesday when rioters attacked the US Capitol building. The violence spilled over into many states in the union, including New York. Police arrested

Because of that, authorities announced that they are increasing security around the New York State Capitol building this week. The closing began yesterday morning and will remain in effect until further notice.

The area around States Street from South Swan Street to Eagle Street was closed around 530 yesterday morning. Cement barriers have been installed to prevent someone from accidentally or intentionally driving through the closed area.

On Wednesday pro-trump protesters and counter-protesters were involved in a violent clash outside of the Capitol Building, so authorities are trying to prevent further violence. Police arrested 37-year-old Alexander S. Contompasis of Albany, he is accused of stabbing two people

According to Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins explained why his department was not in charge of the investigation. He said, “State Police obviously have jurisdiction when it occurs on the campus grounds, and our responsibility is to provide whatever support the State Police need. And so there were a lot of Albany Police Officers there because we heard a call to service come out that there was a violent crime. And so we were there to assist State Police at that point.”

It’s sad to see the United States sink to such a low place with the whole world watching us. Each of us can play a part in restoring the US back to a country that has a leading role in the world by being leaders in our community.

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