As struggling, unemployed Americans wait for legislators to render economic relief, Governor Andrew Cuomo calls out Donald Trump for signing what he calls ”unworkable” executive orders on Saturday.

Donald Trump signed several executive orders and Governor Cuomo addressed the order that would extend the enhanced unemployment benefits to Americans. The order extends benefits, but reduces the amount from $600-$400.

The new enhanced benefit would be covered by the federal government at 75% and the state would be required to pay 25%. That means if an individual receives a $400 per week, the state of New York would be required to pay $100 towards the total amount.

According to NY Daily News, Governor Cuomo feels that Donald Trump’s executive order would make a bad situation worse. Governor Cuomo says that the executive order itself may not be legal since a president cannot use an executive order to avoid legislation. That is exactly what Trump would be doing since legislators in Washington are unable to come to an agreement over COVID-19 relief. Governor Cuomo warns that the executive order may actually delay relief to individuals who desperately need, it because the order itself may not be legal, and could be tied up in court.

In addition to the question of the legality of the executive orders, Governor Cuomo explained that the cost to the states would be impossible. He stated that before the pandemic began, New York was already in a $30 billion hole. If New York had to pay 25% of the extended COVID-19 relief package, it would cost the state approximately $4.2 billion between now and the end of the year.

Cuomo is calling on Republican members of Congress in New York to speak out against what Trump is trying to do. He says that their silence is deafening and that they are possibly putting political loyalty before the needs of their constituents.

I hope that government officials will stop their bickering and actually do their jobs. The people of this country did not ask to be unemployed due to this pandemic and it is the government's responsibility to help its citizens during this financial crisis. We need to use our voices and let our representatives know that we are watching and that we intend to vote accordingly in November.

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