I don’t know if you caught the news but Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino that former President Donald Trump built was imploded today (02/17/21). The hotel was in operation from 1984 until 2014. In recent years the hotel and casino had been abandoned and the place became a real dump.

This Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino was a landmark in Atlantic City, NJ it was one of the first things you saw when you got off the highway onto Atlantic Avenue. The Trump tower was one of the biggest casino resorts in Atlantic City. The grand appearance of the marquee with the gold logo surely caught most Atlantic City visitor's attention.

The Trump Plaza was also right in front of the former 40/40 Club owned by Jay-Z in Atlantic City. Atlantic City has taken a dive with many of the casinos and resorts closing due to the economy and many other casinos opening up in surrounding states.

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The casinos closing in Atlantic City is bigger than Donald Trump and he bailed on the Trump Plaza long before its final closure. He actually sued to have his name taken off of the establishment before his Presidential run.

The Hotel was home to some of the biggest fights in the 1980s when Mike Tyson fights were a regular attraction at Trump Plaza and Casino. There is actually a street dedicated to Don King in front of the hotel. Also, WWE events like wrestle mania often took place at the Casino. The Trump Plaza Hotel And Casino were also home to Miss Universe Pageant. The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino always screamed 1980’s American culture from the events to the layout. Many people see the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino being demolished as a symbol that America is ready to move on from the Trump Presidency.

Have you ever stayed or visited the Trump Plaza? I often take trips to Atlantic City, New Jersey to visit family but I have never stayed in the hotel. It was always one of the things that caught my attention since I had started visiting Atlantic City in 2001. Check out some of the visuals that I caught the last time I visited in December 2020 right before the Trump Plaza was demolished.

The Final Days Of The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino

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