Another woman is alleging that Drake is the father of her child. Hmmm Drizzy can’t catch a break when it comes to women claiming he’s the father to their children!

Getty Images, Mark Metcalfe

A unnamed Haitian-American woman who worked as a bottle waitress at LIV nightclub in Miami, has filed legal documents.The woman alleges she has told Drake that he’s the father of her 2-year-old baby girl and the outlet reports that the rapper has agreed to take a paternity test. And so it begins!

It seems like every three months someone is accusing Drake of being their babies' dad? I think this is the ultimate form of deception.

Drake has been reckless with these strippers and waitresses, of course it's gonna catch up with him, that's how it works. Only reason he deals with women lesser than him is because he wants to feel like "the man." People see his money as method to attack him. He should probably just find one woman and chill.