DJ Khaled has slapped Entertainment One, formerly known as eOne, with a lawsuit claiming that the independent label owes him unpaid royalties.

According to Billboard, the rapper-producer's attorneys are accusing the label of failing to accurately account royalties owed and refusing to permit an audit of exact profits and losses.

Khaled is seeking at least $1 million in lost royalties and accounting of record and mechanical royalties through albums released between 2006 and 2010.

During his stint with eOne, DJ Khaled has released four studio albums: 2006's 'Listennn...the Album,' 2007's 'We the Best,' 2008's 'We Global,' 2010's 'Victory' and 2009's 'DJ Khaled / E Class: Live from the 305.' The latter is in dispute, as eOne claims that the 'E Class' album was released under a separate deal with Poe Boy Music Group and not through Khaled.

In a countersuit filed by eOne, the company maintains that they did release all accounting statements as agree with in the contract. As for failure to pay unpaid royalties, they claim that Khaled's publishing were placed under control by The Knotting Hill Music Group in 2007 and that they have been reporting to them.

Overall, this is a messy lawsuit with lots of money and zeros on the line. Hopefully, DJ Khaled and eOne can reach an amicable settlement so everyone can get paid.