This woman's Aunt is not playing she is actually charging her family members $30 a plate for a Thanksgiving meal. This sounds crazy, I'm not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving food anyway. I would be the one who would refuse to come to her house because she is trying to make it into the local iHop. If I wanted to pay for food I would get takeout or go to a restaurant.

Food 4 Pay

This might be a little more common than I thought, According to a survey by Buzzfeed, 1% of people charge family members to eat. 50% say they don’t pay, but bring something with them like pies or a side dish. The other 49% say they straight up freeload. 1% is still more willing to pay than me, this sounds nuts and is pretty much is hypocritical to the premise of Thanksgiving.

Would you pay for a Thanksgiving meal from family?

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