Did you sign up? Only $6.99 and access to their entire catalogue! It’s such a huge deal that Disney+ couldn’t handle the volume today.

It appears to have been hit by some technical errors and server jams just a few hours into its official launch on Tuesday. A Disney+ spokesperson said the company was working quickly to resolve the service outages. What did they expect? It’s the battle of the streaming wars since Netflix has lost the majority of its content and now Hulu had to get into a bundle with Disney in order to continue their content.

Disney isn’t playing around with their coins. This is a perfect time for you to jump in and invest because it’s bigger than you know.

“The consumer demand for Disney+ has exceeded our highest expectations,” the spokesperson said. You can save even more money if you subscribe to Disney + using their annual service at $69.99 a year. Bundle it with Hulu & ESPN for $12.99 per month. Oh and  be a Verizon customer, it’s free if you have wireless or Fios! WOW!

Did you subscribe to Disney +? Experiencing issues? Drop your thoughts below.

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