Halloween is quickly approaching, and with all this crazy clown nonsense going on, I can only imagine how Halloween will be this year. Here are 5 Halloween costumes that I think you should shy away from.

5) Ladies and gentlemen, you can leave all the skimpy costumes at home. I'm sure your significant other would rather see you in it than the rest of the world.

4) Politics are not my thing, but with all the controversy going on over the upcoming election, I don't think having a full-out debate at a party full of drunk people would be so smart. So, leave your Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks at the store.

3) Guys, this is not an excuse to dress up as a woman. No shame to those who do it on the regular- shout out to you for being real and being you, but... if this is not the everyday, then please don't do it because you out here looking crazy.

2) If we can't tell what your costume is, and even after you tell us we're still like "what?!?" That's an automatic F in Halloween 101.

1) Of course, you guessed it- dressing up like IT the clown might get you knocked out for real. Like, how is anybody supposed to know if you're a cool clown or you're IT the clown? Nobody got time for the guessing games my friend. Moral of the story: keep that clown foolishness all the way over there.