No matter how much you don't want to admit it, winter is finally upon is. Now, it's time to gear up. 

Here are some items you need to get you through the cold months-

HM Woolrich x Timberland (2013)
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    Warm Winter Jacket

    We mean warm -- not some flimsy windbreaker. This year, invest in a quality, undoubtedly puffy, nice winter coat. The North Face products may be a little pricey, but they never disappoint in quality, and they definitely last.

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    Weatherproof Boots

    These boots are waterproof, which is so necessary for a Capital Region winter. Without a doubt, we will see tons of slush and wetness that is just the worst to walk in. Don't worry, this year you'll be prepared with your cool (and practical) Timberland boots.

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    A Cozy Flannel

    What could be better than a nice, warm flannel on a chilly winter day? Nothing! Especially when layered under a cozy, puffy coat.These flannels from Marmot are cool, too- not your run-of-the-mill plaid flannel. These shirts have style.

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