Michael Kors is known for his chic handbags, clothing, & accessory fashion line.  But there has been some recent controversy surrounding some alleged racist remarks that he may or may not have made buzzin all over the internet!

The internet, fashion world & consumers have been outraged at the possibility that fashion designer & CEO Michael Kors could have made racists remarks.  Did he in fact state "He was tired of pretending to like blacks"? And on to say he cannot imagine his purses stuffed with synthetic weaves?

Before we crucify him & start a bonfire with our MK bags ladies, let's determine whether or not he actually made these remarks. If he did, I certainly have enough MK bags to melt all the snow in Albany! There's no condoning such racist remarks & as a gay male fashion designer, I would imagine Michael Kors would be the subject of some judgement & discrimination as well, based on his homosexuality.

I do, however, recall when rumors about Tommy Hilfiger emerged at the height of his fashion line being marketed to the hip hop community in the early '90's as well. So are these fashion designers getting rich off being marketed to the African American community while secretly being racist?

The internet has reputable sources of rumors & others which are falsely reporting on social media sites. When Naha Daily originally reported this story on the internet, I had to question its authenticity because I have never heard of this website.  It would be ridiculous & stupid for Michael Kors to publicly make such statement which could crush his empire. There have been many celebs who have been victim to death hoaxes, scams & tabloid lies. Although we cannot really ever know his true feelings or beliefs, his camp as denied such allegations.


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