The New York State Fair is coming to Syracuse and it will begin this Friday. COVID-19 protocol is not the only new thing that you will notice at the fair. Don’t be surprised when you’re walking through the fair and you recognize the smell of weed, because marijuana use will be there.

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The State Fair always comes with a large variety of smells. There will be food there, live animals, and sometimes smelly people, and now you can add the smell of marijuana to the list.

Recreational marijuana use is now legal in the State of New York, and it can be lit up just about anywhere. The law allows for marijuana use anywhere that tobacco use is permitted.

According to Local syr, the fair begins on August 20 and it will run until September 6. There will be a large variety of events including live entertainment, but you won’t be able to enjoy your weed inside any of the venues. Marijuana use, and even tobacco use, are prohibited inside of any building or under any pavilion including Chevy Court and Chevy Park. Smoking is strictly limited to outdoor spaces only.

David Bullard of New York State Fair Commission said, “State law allows marijuana use anywhere tobacco use is permitted. Smoking is not permitted in Fairgrounds buildings or in the open concert Chevy Court and Chevy Park but is allowed elsewhere outdoors. We encourage those who smoke to be considerate of those around him.“

Just remember, the fair only allows for a small quantity of marijuana upon entry. Get outdoors, enjoy yourself, and enjoy the state fair.

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