Now That Smoking Pot is Legal in NY-Where Can You Toke?
You may think that because marijuana is legal in New York state there are plenty of places you can light one up. That is not necessarily the case. Where you can and cannot smoke are pretty lopsided so don't expect to see a lot of people smoking marijuana around you.
Flying High? TSA Won’t Take Your Pot at Albany Airport
When you go through the Albany International Airport checkpoint you won't have to worry about having a small amount of marijuana on you. If you have a small amount of pot, TSA agents and police will no longer seize it, arrest you, or even issue a ticket not just at Albany International Airport …
400 Pounds Of Edibles
The New York State Police made a big drug bust yesterday on a New York Thruway in the town of Schuyler. Once again a traffic stop has led to another New Yorker being arrested on drug charges.
Should Weed Be Legal?
Marijuana use has been legalized in multiple states around the country. On Monday Governor Cuomo says it’s time for New York to legalize marijuana, but some lawmakers are pushing back.
Should Gov. Cuomo Decriminalize Marijuana
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is asking state lawmakers to remove criminal penalties for those who buy and use, but don't sell, marijuana. This means it will be legal to use marijuana in New York, but illegal to sell it.
Here is what the Governor had to say, according to New York Upstate:
Recreational users …
Wrong Delivery Weed
A woman in Valatie was surprised when she received a 7 lb. package of marijuana delivered to her front door step.
Pamela Marks writes a blog where she posts reviews of children's toys and clothes. When you do these type of blogs people send in hundreds of packages a month to have items revi…
Obama Offered Toke
Welcome to 2014! I never thought I would see the day when people would be openly offering the President of the United States marijuana in a bar.
Snoop Dogg Busted For Marijuana In Norway
Uncle Snoop D-O double G is set to perform at the Hove Festival tonight in Norway but was detained at Kjevic airport in Kristansand by customs officers this morning. The Adger Police Dept. told TMZ that officials found 8 grams of Marijuana on my boy Snoop.

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