There has been a lot of buzz early this morning about Wu-Tang Clan's very own RZA. I don't know why everyone is so surprised though? Did people not know how talented RZA is?? Well, they sure as hell should now!


As many of us know, Paul Walker died over the weekend in a fiery crash at the young age of 40 along with his passenger. What many of us may not know, is that RZA and Paul Walker developed a bound not to long ago. They met on the set of upcoming film "Brick Mansion" and instantly hit it off as friends.

Over the weekend, RZA was mourning Paul Walker's death in his studio. He went on to write a very beautiful, heartfelt song, paying tribute to Mr Walker and no it's not a rap song, it's a ballad sung by Will Wells, appropriately called "Destiny Bends."

Check it out, take a listen....I preach all the time that "life is short" on my show. The saying may be cliche, but it's the truth. Appreciate everyone and everything around you.


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