'Brick Mansions' Trailer: Paul Walker Takes Up Parkour
The first 'Brick Mansions' trailer has debuted online, debuting footage from one of Paul Walker's last films. The late actor, famous for his turn in the 'Fast and Furious' movies, stars in this similarly action-packed tale, except this time instead of The Rock and Vin Diesel…
15 Rappers Who Became Movie Stars
For fans of hip-hop, a rapper making the transition into acting comes as little surprise since virtually every aspect of his or her behavior on record, and on stage, qualifies as a something of a theatrical performance. Suffice it to say Hollywood is well aware of this...
Wu-Tang’s RZA Pays Tribute to Paul Walker
There has been a lot of buzz early this morning about Wu-Tang Clan's very own RZA. I don't know why everyone is so surprised though? Did people not know how talented RZA is?? Well, they sure as hell should now!