Another survey that shows how much people don't care about their lives, but I appreciate the survey because the people were honest. 80% of the people wouldn't make simple lifestyle changes to make sure they live. I suspect the numbers, are probably higher due to the fact that more people in society make the wrong choices.

1. Quit smoking . . . 81% of smokers said they wouldn't quit to live to 100.
2. Go back to school to keep your mind active . . . 77% of people wouldn't.
3. Keep in better contact with friends and family . . . 48% wouldn't.
4. Save more money . . . 45% wouldn't
5. Get more sleep . . . 45% wouldn't.
6. Exercise more . . . 38% wouldn't.
7. Eat healthier . . . 36% wouldn't.

Be honest with yourself are you making the right lifestyle choices in order to live longer? If not its never to late to start. A lot of these choices are easy to start today. Especially saving more money and eating healthier. Take a look at the survey and pick two lifestyle changes you can make today.

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