Marijuana Legalization is happening all around the globe. A company in Canada wants to do research on cannabis smokers. They are offering "expereinced" marijuana smokers up to $50 per hour to do what they love doing smoking marijuana.

This one is a little different. It won't appeal to everyone, but it's within reach for a lot of people. The Toronto-based company AHLOT is looking to hire five "cannabis connoisseurs" who would work part-time sampling marijuana to the tune of $50 per hour. Plus they get a $200 per month expense account.

The legalization of marijuana is scheduled for October 17 in Canada, and companies are getting ready. In particular, AHLOT is looking for people to work on what it's calling the Cannabis Curation Committee. To get the gig, you need to be an expert on jazz cabbage, helping to determine what will go into the company's sample packs, which will contain a variety of marijuana strains.

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