Lupe Fiasco seems to be at a crossroads in his life and career. In July, he announced he no longer wants to do any features. Then, in August, he revealed his plans to give up violent music, videos games and cartoons. In the midst of the shift, the Chicago lyricist releases his new Drogas Wave album on Friday (Sept. 21).

The album comes seven days before its original release date due to it leaking onto the internet a couple weeks early. For album No. 7, Lupe delivers a robust LP of 24 new tracks, foregoing big-name rap features for assists from the likes of Damian Marley and frequent collaborators Nikki Jean, Crystal Torres and more. Production on the album is handled by Soundtrakk, Cardiak, DJ Dahi, Rosy Timms, S1 and others.

Lupe recently touched on the theme of the project. “Drogas Wave is based on a story about a group of slaves that jumped off of a slave ship transporting them from Africa,” he noted. “The slaves did not drown, and instead somehow managed to live under the sea. They spent the rest of their underwater existence sinking slave ships. ‘Drogas’ is the Spanish word for drugs. I made it an acronym which stands for ‘Don’t Ruin Us God Said.’”

He also recently reflected on the importance of reaching his seventh solo studio LP. "I remember holding number 1," he remarked on Instagram. "Such a wild ride since way back then. And the saga continues. As I look back through all my work I think I’ve deciphered my purpose. The main idea of my art...It is to resurrect! When I’m doing the work of the 'resurrective' is when I’m in my flow state. It is the best thing I know how to do. Walking between worlds and being the medium. Bringing things back to life."

The new album follows 2017's Drogas Light. With over a dozen years in the game, Lupe is still pretty confident in his talents. Whether he reaches G.O.A.T. status is to be determined.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's Drogas Wave album below.

Lupe Fiasco's Drogas Wave Album Tracklist

1. "In the Event of Typhoon" (produced by Rosy Timms)
2. "Drogas" (produced by Soundtrakk and Davin "Christopher Killumbus" Boykin)
3. "Manilla" (produced by Freeway TJay)
4. "Gold vs. The Right Things To Do" (produced by S1)
5. "Slave Ship (Interlude)" (produced by Rosy Timms)
6. "WAV Files" (produced by Soundtrakk)
7. "Down" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by Soundtrakk)
8. "Haile Selassie" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by Soundtrakk)
9. "Alan Forever" featuring Crystal Torres (produced by Davin "Christopher Killumbus" Boykin)
10. "Helter Skelter (Interlude)" (produced by  Rosy Timss)
11. "Stronger" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by Soundtrakk)
12. "Sun God Sam & The California Drug Deals" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by S1 and Cardiak)
13. "XO" featuring Troi Irons (produced by  DJ Simon Says)
14. "Don’t Mess Up The Children (Interlude)" (produced by Rosy Timms)
15. "Jonylah Forever" (produced by Soundtrakk)
16. "Kingdom" featuring Damian Marley (produced by DJ Dahi)
17. "Baba Kwesi (Interlude)" (produced by Rosy Timms)
18. "Imagine" featuring Simon Sayz and Crystal Torres (produced by DJ Simon Says)
19. "Stack That Cheese" featuring Nikki Jean (produced by  Floss and Fame)
20. "Cripple" featuring Elena Pindehughes (produced by Soundtrakk)
21. "King Nas" (produced by Soundtrakk)
22. "Quotations From Chairman Fred" featuring Nikki Jean & Bishop Edgar Jackson (produced by S1)
23. "Happy Timbuck2 Day" (produced by  DJ Simon Says)
24. "Mural Jr." (produced by  Johnny Thomas Jr.)

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1st and 15th Productions, Inc.

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