If Pardison Fontaine wasn't on your radar before, he certainly will be now. On Thursday (Sept. 20), the New York rapper teamed up with Cardi B for the new "Backin' It Up" video.

Directed by Kid Art, the video kicks off with Pardi chilling with his crew as he spits his best game at model Bria Myles in a pizzeria. After heading to a warehouse to pop some bottles, the setting switches to a dimly lit dancefloor, where Cardi gives off 1990s Lil' Kim vibes.

Sporting a red fur coat with matching red sunglasses, the "queen of talkin' shit" spits a few hard-hitting bars. "Bitches think they fuckin' with me, must be sick in the head/Why don't you chill with the beef and get some chicken instead?/Got the crown, shut it down, have them hype up in the 6/If she dead, let her lay won't bring no life into this bitch," she raps in the video.

Over on Instagram, Cardi shared an old video of her partying with Pardison, showing just how far back their friendship goes. In the caption, the "Be Careful" rapper revealed she was nearly six months pregnant while shooting the "Backin' It Up" video but knew the song was going to be a hit.

"Pardi has helped me a lot with my growth and development as a recording artist. I’m really happy to be joining him on his next single 'BACKIN’ IT UP,'" she wrote.

Watch the "Backin' It Up" video and Cardi's IG post below.

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