Machine Gun Kelly dropped by The Breakfast Club to break down his feud with Eminem. The two rappers have been firing off diss tracks over the past month and things have gotten ugly. Their beef stems from a Tweet MGK posted in 2012 about Eminem's daughter Hailie, calling her "hot as f*ck." MGK claims the two settled it privately six years ago and that the call out on Kamikaze was a total surprise.

Hailie was 16 at the time, but MGK claims he didn't know how old she was. "I'm a father. I have a 9-year-old daughter. I get it. One hundred percent. Can I apologize? Can I take the tweet down? Sure. But a public apology? Come on, man." MGK won't apologize publicly because of Eminem's reputation for "shitting on dead people" and "Christopher Reeves, who was in a wheelchair." He also says that it was "a silly comment to have started all of this."

MGK and Em are both signed to Interscope, which has created some workplace tension. According to MGK, the company is divided over the rappers' beef with each other. "The problem comes when the people assigned to work for me aren't working," MGK said on The Breakfast Club. "They're picking sides." He denies that this whole thing is just a ploy from Interscope to help him sell records.

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