Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have people raising their eyebrows after MGK snorted what appears to be fake cocaine from Fox's breast while the couple was dressed as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson for Halloween.

On Sunday (Oct. 30), Machine Gun Kelly hit up Instagram to show off the incredibly detailed Halloween costumes he and his Hollywood actress fianceé, Megan Fox, sported based on another famous duo, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. However, the costumes weren't the only on-the-nose moment the couple shared, as MGK also included a video of himself snorting a powdery substance directly off Megan Fox's breast.

In the Instagram carousel below, Machine Gun Kelly posted an image of himself and his soon-to-be wife posing in an exact replication of an iconic photo of former celebrity couple, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. In the next slide, MGK displayed the picture of Pam and Tommy that he and the Transformers actress used as the basis for their costumes.

From there, the "Rap Devil" rapper-turned-rocker turned things up a notch by posting a video that sees MGK using a rolled-up dollar bill to inhale a line of apparent powder from Fox's cleavage. At the same time, one of Tommy Lee's most famous songs, Mötley Crüe's "Kickstart My Heart," can be heard in the background. Kelly then used his tongue to lick up any residue left on his fianceé's breast before kissing Megan Fox on the lips to end the clip.

This is far from the first time Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have made headlines for their romantic yet controversial antics. When the couple became engaged to be married back in January, MGK and Fox sealed the deal by drinking "just a few drops" of each other's blood. In April of this year, Megan Fox explained that she and the Tickets to My Downfall artist will occasionally drink each other's blood as part of a romantic ritual that brings them closer together.

See Machine Gun Kelly Snort Fake Cocaine Off Megan Fox's Breast in the Instagram Video Below

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