Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are on a Caribbean vacay, nothing strange about that right? Also with them is his ex-wife. Now,some people are finding this odd.... Me, not so much. Holidays, celebrations, and life in general for me growing up has always involved this one's ex-wife, that one's ex-husband, we just all get along! I got to wondering, does anyone else have a family like this?

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I give Alicia lots of props, because, it takes a certain being to take on something like this and of course also his ex-wife. But, as adults, sometimes you realize things were not meant to work and if you can make a civil, friendship out of that, than that is a win win for everyone. Especially in Swizz's case, because him and his ex-wife also have a child together. (Who was also on the family vacation with them.)

My parents have been divorced for 15 plus years. My mom remarried and my dad has had a girlfriend for a long time. I remember when they first got divorced. That first Xmas my dad's 1st wife invited us over for dinner. Sitting at the table were me, my sister and her ex-husband, my dad, his first wife and her new boyfriend. And I thought to myself, this if f'n great! The holidays are the same when I go to my mom's up in Toga. It makes life so much easier for everyone ,no need for hate! Now, inviting my boyfriends of the past would be a totally different story! LOL.

So am I the only one out there that has a dysfunctional yet functional family? Can you relate to Alicia's situation. My inquiring mind wants to know!

My big 30 party! My dad, mom, & step dad showing how getting along is done.