Weekend Getaways
The biggest complaint I hear about the Capital Region is "there is nothing to do here". Well that isn't true there are plenty of things to do here, If you choose to believe that narrative, there are plenty of place to go that are close by with plenty to do...
Amtrak Announces Free Trips Giveaway
One of the easiest ways to get somewhere from the Capital Region is with Amtrak. Now, Amtrak has announced that they have a chance for you to get free trips and, let's be honest, it's time for you to have a vacation!
Wonder of The Day: Families & Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are on a Caribbean vacay, nothing strange about that right? Also with them is his ex-wife. Now,some people are finding this odd.... Me, not so much. Holidays, celebrations, and life in general for me growing up has always involved this one's ex-wife, that one's …