Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that COVID-19 vaccine eligibility has expanded to include all citizens over 30 years old beginning next Tuesday, April 6.

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New York is entering a dangerous phase as COVID-19 cases are once again rising in our state. According to recent data, New Jersey is leading the country in new COVID-19 cases, and New York is second. We must continue to fight the deadly virus that is taking so many lives. As we continue to wash our hands, wear our masks, and practice social distancing, we must also take the vaccine shots when it’s our turn.

Governor Cuomo spoke about the vaccine rollout. The vaccine was previously limited to residents over 50-years old that work in essential job categories like those in the front line and healthcare workers. The governor is pleased to announce the new expansion. He said, “Today we take a monumental step forward in the fight to beat COVID-19, well ahead of the May 1 deadline set by the White House.”

According to Governor Cuomo, more than 9 million total COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered so far in New York. The state is now planning on having all incarcerated individuals vaccinated against the virus.

New Yorkers 30 years old and older can begin signing up for the shot at 8 AM on Tuesday morning. This is significant because younger people are considered to be spreaders of the disease.

Even though the state is moving through eligibility phases for vaccination, Governor Cuomo is asking all residents to remain patient because the supply of the vaccine is still limited due to the massive demand for it.

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