Gus's always gets praise. Hot Dog Charlies gets recognition. But not this Troy establishment. I don't get it.

I certainly hear people talk about it from time to time. But the people who always are the ones talking about Famous Lunch are those from Troy. If I mention it to someone who grew up in Saratoga County, they probably have zero clue what I am referencing. Famous in my own opinion beats the snot out of Gus's. Sorry, not sorry.

Why doesn't it get the love it should?

Is it because people love to hate on Troy? Call it Troy-let, maybe. That shouldn't take away from the 84 year history that Famous Lunch has. These hot dogs are incredible and the sauce beats out all in the area to me. If you haven't tried them, you need to.

For more on Famous Lunch hit up this link from Only In Your State. Great read and it really shows why Famous is awesome!

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