Hot Dogs, sausages, and burgers, oh my!

A new gourmet food restaurant is coming to Clifton Park, and seriously, the menu I scoped out online looks delicious.  I read at the Times Union that the Dog Haus Biergarten, a California-based restaurant, is going to be opening a location in Clifton Park.  I'm not quite sure about the projected opening date, but I did do some snooping around online.

If you're a fan of dogs, sausages, and toppings, this is the place for you.  Scrolling through the menu, there's some majorly topped burgers, dogs, and sausages with all kinds of creations.  A hot dog with smoked bacon, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, and crispy onions?  I want all of that please.  According to the Times Union, the menu can vary based on location, so I'm hoping we get something similar here in the Capital Region.

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