What is the coolest thing that has ever happened to you in Albany? Was it some random meeting of a celebrity at an odd place? Was it an accident that ended up in meeting someone really cool?

I saw this topic over at Reddit, it made me think of the coolest thing that has ever happened to me while living in Albany.

One of the coolest things that ever happened to me was bringing Rae Sremmurd to Albany before everyone even knew who they were. We had a pool party at the Albany JCC, hit the Crossgate mall, and met a bunch of cool people.

What are some random cool things that happened to you in Albany here are what a couple of Reddit users had to say.


Riding back toward Albany from Delmar. Stopped at a 4 way intersection around midnight. Me and two other guys on bikes heading opposite directions started talking across the intersection (no other traffic, quiet bikes). When these two other dudes come riding down the green light side as it goes yellow. They stop, start saying hello when our side goes green. Me and the other guys don't ride off, we just chill and chat across this intersection for another 2 minutes. All of us just sitting there at midnight chatting. It was so bizarre.


One time at Price Chopper, the cashier informed me that I won, and that all my groceries were free as part of a promotion! There were flashing lights and a notification on the register ans everything. I got $3 of free yogurt that day.


I went to a concert at The Hollow last year on a Sunday night and only 20 people or so showed up. Ended up drinking beer and talking with the lead singer for a while after the concert.


Made it to NYC in under 2 hours.


Hung out with Ken Shamrock at the bar at the Omni (or whatever that hotel was called back then). Seemed like a great guy... Was great with the fans who asked him for pictures and stuff


Went to a house party, ditched my friends to go to WTs. Met these Russian dudes on their night out, spoke my beginner Russian with them. Ended up at Lark St barhopping with my new friends and crashed at their place. Walked back uptown in the morning and stopped by the Russian church to cleanse my sins

Add to the conversation trending with Supreme tonight at 6 call in with the coolest moments in your Albany history.

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