How would you feel if your boss/owner was straight up racist ? Would you still go to work because your family has to eat ? Even if you are a multi millionaire basketball player/coach this has to be a hard decision. Doc Rivers has made a decision on not to return to the Clippers if Donald Sterling remains.

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers has told the team’s interim CEO Richard Parsons that he doesn’t want to return next season if disgraced owner Donald Sterling remains associated with the Clippers.

“Doc has been the guy who has had to stand up and deal with the media” during the controversy surrounding Sterling’s racist comments in April and his subsequent lifetime ban from the NBA, Parsons testified Tuesday in the Sterling probate trial.

“He has told me he doesn’t think if Mr. Sterling remains that he wants to continue as coach. He’s told me that at least three times.”

Parsons said it would be “a disaster” if Rivers leaves.

“Doc is the father figure to the team,” Parsons testified. “Chris Paul is the on-court captain, but Doc is the leader, the coach, the grownup, a man of inestimable character and ability, not only a brilliant basketball coach but a man who really connects with people. He’s a man the players believe in and admire.

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