Today is a sad day for groupies and gold diggers all across the nation.

A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday ruled Tuesday that V. Stiviano, who received $3.6 million worth of gifts from former Clippers owner Donald Sterling, must return most of the gifts to his wife, Shelly Sterling.

In another note, V. Stiviano claimed Donald showered her with gifts because she was his beard. She says Donald has been dating a much younger man named "Mo" for more than 20 years.

Stiviano and Donald Sterling denied having sex. She referred to him as a father figure and lover.

Donald Sterling, who was incredulous that his wife had described them at one point as being estranged, referred to the 32-year-old Stiviano as an "ex-friend."

Shelly Sterling and Stiviano didn't hide their disdain for each other.

Shelly Sterling said Stiviano had been nasty to her and taken advantage of her husband and didn't deserve millions in gifts. Stiviano called Sterling the "Wicked Witch of the West" and said she hated her.

Sterling initially sought about $3.6 million from Stiviano, a figure an accountant said was a conservative estimate of the gifts that included the $240,000 Ferrari, a Bentley, a Range Rover, extravagant spending sprees and world travel.

This whole thing just sounds messy, everyone involved should've made better decisions. Donald Sterling's wife knew he was cheating on her, Donald Sterling had too much to lose dealing with messy women. The only person who benefitted from the situation was V. Stiviano. I'm sure she will find a way to hide some of the things he bought for her.  It seems to me like everyone in the situation is getting what they deserve.