Chris Brown really loves attention and he uses social media to get it. He left a comment under his duaghter's mothers page on IG going off about paying 4k a month in child support. The grandmother was on another socail media site complaining about how much he wasn't paying in child support. While Chris Brown does have a great point, this couldn't be settled with a phone call or text message.  Why use social media to air out all your personal business ?


It seems like __niaa___ is the more mature one out of the two.  Chris Brown has enough problems that have everyone all in his business.  Why add his daughter to those troubles ?  I just dont get it hopefully Chris will grow up soon and realize everyone doesn't need to know everything that goes on in your life.

I'm convinced Chris Brown needs drama to exist. If Chris Brown didn't want these type of problems he should have had protected sex.  I don't feel sorry for Chris Brown he keeps putting him self in terrible situations you would think he would learn by now.  Im convinced Chris Brown is slow.


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