Van Jones stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk criminal justice reform and his role as CEO of the Reform Alliance and much more.

What is Reform?

The job of the reform alliance is to break the revolving door and stop people who are caught up on probation from going back.

White Men in tears behind how broken the system is.

Both political parties were mass incarceration parties.

Why didn’t the Democratic Party put in a crime bill, under Obama.

What did you think about Obama, did he do enough for Black People?

Billionaires ashamed of what’s going on.

Why is the timing now for the for the first step act?

Talks about closing jails and lowering crime rate , due to the taxes being too high

When trump got elected, prison stocks went through the roof.

We don’t have enough black people to close these prisons we need all the help we can get

This is the human rights of our time

3,000 people coming home from the unjust crack/cocaine laws.

Half the people in the federal system can come home if they get ready by taking classes and etc

Do you think a lot of people don’t understand the prison system?

Talks of opioid crisis

Rich kids get on drugs they go to rehab , poor kids get on drugs they go to prison.

How are you incorporating the activist who’ve been laying the ground work?

Kim Kardashian got Alice released , moved Trump

What are your thoughts on 2020 candidates ?

It’s hard when all of your friends are running.

Talks about Bernie Sanders

It’s going to come down to the black vote, how is it going to work if Democrats are scared to talk about agenda

School to prison pipeline is destroying us.

Black women dying while having babies,

Racism in the medical system

How do you feel about Kamala’s former history as a prosecutor ?

Talks about people calling him a sellout

Talks about meeting with Trump

Do you ever feel like you have to kiss Trumps ass?

How often do you and trump talk?

How did the donation from Travis Scott to dreamcorp happen.

Colin isn’t the first professional athlete to protest

The Messy Truth , VR experience

How is Van Jones?

Got a divorce, his mother died

Talks about being bullied as a kid

Do you take time for yourself?

The time for justice is now!

Peep the full interview below!

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