The UAlbany bus incident drama continues the three former UAlbany students were in the University judical system the University Judicial Board has also issued decisions regarding the “student conduct” charges brought against Ariel, Asha, and Alexis. The Board ruled unanimously against each of the three women. Two of the women were expelled from the University, and the third received a two-year suspension.

The three UAlbany students who were involved in the bus incident were indicted on 16 counts with many stemming directly from the 911 distress calls made by the women at the time of the incident.

All of the charges are misdemeanors, however the case is being personally handled by Chief Assistant District Attorney David Rossi, under the supervision of DA Soares. While this is highly unusual for such low-level offenses, it is only one example of the lengths the city, county, and State University have taken to condemn these women.

There is a website set up defending these 3 young ladies and a protest is scheduled for 5/4/16 :


A lot of this seems obsessive for a misdemeanor charges, these girls have been expelled from school and have the Chief Assistant Disrtict attorney handling the case.... I said it before but its good for everyone to find these girls guilty and just make the case go away.