Found this on my Facebook: activist and MC Masai Andrews, along with Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration, wrote an open letter to the three UAlbany students charged with assault in the infamous CDTA bus incident.

Here is part of the letter:

Dear Alexis, Ariel, & Asha:

While the circumstances compelling us to write this letter have no doubt been taxing to your well-being, we hope to find you all in good physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Late last month, when news of the now infamous UAlbany bus incident began to circulate, those of us familiar with the grim realities of race and gender based violence were overcome with a desire to extend our support. We knew that any and all abuses endured would likely leave painful and lasting impressions on each of you. We also knew the importance of simply believing your accounts. Believing women who’ve survived assault is essential to dismantling the systems and practices which allow these assaults to persist. But we also believed you because absolutely nothing about your account was unbelievable. We respect, value, and trust your experiences as Black women.

In light of recent events, we’d like to take this opportunity to once again affirm our unabashed and unwavering support.

Very well put-together letter. Salute to Masai. I received criticism as well for my view point of nobody knows what actually happened and the video evidence was kept from the public for to long.

I didn't jump to conclusions on either side, I don't think these girls will receive a fair trial because of all the media attention that has been brought to this incident.

It is easier for the city, the college and the public to just make this incident go away. The easiest way to do that is to discredit these women's allegations. If the women hadn't struck the man, then the allegations of racial slurs could've easily been denied. Either way these women are put in a losing position.